AUBO Robotics

AUBO Robotics was established in collaboration between professors from the USA and China to make a lightweight intelligent collaborative robot. This robot arm was specially designed with important functions from the start, combining state of the art technology with user friendliness to make this a collaborative robot (Co-bot). The open source architecture enables the Robot Operating System (ROS) to be supported through an API for both industrial and academic uses. To develop this state-of-the-art collaborative robot, AUBO Robotics started R&D in 2010 before launching the product worldwide in 2017.

Nowadays, AUBO Robotics holds several core patents and has strategic cooperation with several public companies leveraging the best of all new technologies. Robotic automation is no longer out of range for small to midsize companies. The user-friendly setup facilitates ROI in real production environments so employees without programming skills can adapt these robots for most high mix or small batch applications. AUBO Robotics looks forward to helping companies make use of this new technology and gain competitive advantage in manufacturing environment while reducing dangerous and repetitive tasks performed by workers today.

gerenga (Thailand)

Founded in 2012 and providing Thailand with collaborative robots from 2014 you can benefit from gerenga’s extensive expertise. Based on our learnings from working with end users, we served as development consultant for many of our partner brands. As a result of that, we contributed to the improvement of our partners’ products with focus on ease of use and reliability.

As master distributor in Thailand we strive to provide best services not only for our partners in the distributor and system integrator network, but also for the end users of AUBO collaborative robots.

With our partner network we offer an honest, holistic service approach guided by integrity & cooperation. We listen to you first, before we act.

You will get a long term partner for all your automation tasks, from software to hardware, small scale to large scale. There is always a partner in our network with the right experience and expertise that suits your needs.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart Factory
  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Industrial Networks
  • Software & Databases
  • RFID Systems
  • Vision Systems
  • Consultation
  • Engineering
  • Programming